It's only a model.

Patsy in Monty Python

LiveJournal iconBlog at LiveJournal

Personal blog in English and Russian. One of the oldest informational pollution I introduced into the Internet. Started far back in 2003.

Flickr iconPhotos at Flickr

Photos I took and bothered to publish. Thousands of unpublished photos collect dust on my hard drive.

Twitter iconMicroblog at Twitter

Microblog in English and Russian. I’m certain that bots and automatic tweets update it much more often than I do personally. iconScrobbled Music at

Music listening history since 2006. If the term “scrobbling” sounds confusing, the Wikipedia might help.

LinkedIn iconCurriculum vitæ at LinkedIn

Сurriculum vitæ (or résumé). Appropriate to use for professional contacts.

Delicious iconBookmarks at Delicious

A huge pile of web bookmarks accumulated since 2006. Perhaps, the most entertaining are with the “fun” tag.

Facebook iconProfile at Facebook

Overvalued time killer. Good to keep in touch and organize events, but I prefer good old e-mails.

Vimeo iconVideos at Vimeo

None of my videos published there. Just reserved the username.

Google+ iconProfile at Google+

Everybody knows that only Google employees use it.

Foursquare iconCheck-ins at Foursquare

Check-ins, badges, and mayorships. Useless, but enthralling.

Wikipedia iconUser Page at Wikipedia

Most of contributions go to the Russian language edition of Wikipedia (see also the global contributions page). The main topic is European Union.