Dr. Frank N. Furter floating in the pool while singing 'Don't dream it, be it'.

Don't dream it, be it.

Dr. Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Under construction iconNew Version of This Web-site

Replacement (under construction for who knows how long) for this page. I'm trying to resurrect some kind of blogging as part of it, since I've abandoned Instagram, LiveJournal and Facebook.

LinkedIn iconCurriculum Vitæ at LinkedIn

Curriculum vitæ (or résumé). Appropriate to use for professional contacts.

Mastodon iconMicroblog on Mastodon

Microblog generally in English. Mastodon is probably the only social media left for me that I still check fairly regularly.

Last.fm iconScrobbled Music at Last.fm

Music listening history since 2006. If the term “scrobbling” sounds confusing, the Wikipedia might help.

Pinboard iconBookmarks at Pinboard

A pile of web bookmarks accumulated since 2006. First at del.isio.us, now at Pinboard. Perhaps, the most entertaining are with the “fun” tag.

Foursquare iconTips and Lists at Foursquare

Before the schism it used to be about check-ins, badges and mayorships. Now it’s about tips and expertise. Still useless, but still enthralling.

Steam iconGames at Steam

Oh, well. Perhaps, I have too many games still being unplayed.

Lousy X iconMicroblog at Twitter X

Microblog generally in English. It’s not updated often and used mainly for work-related posts at the moment. And since the third-party API shutdown I barely read the feed, only mentions and replies.

Wikipedia iconUser Page at Wikipedia

Most of contributions go to the Russian language edition of Wikipedia (see also the global contributions page). The topic is mainly European Union.

LiveJournal iconBlog at LiveJournal

Used to be a personal blog in English and Russian. One of the oldest informational pollution I introduced into the Internet starting far back in 2003. Tried to post at least once per year but failed. Now deleted.

Instagram iconPhotos at Instagram

Used to post various artefacts and peculiarities, rarely in real time, but now basically abandoned due to it being owned by Meta.

Facebook iconProfile at Facebook

Might be good for keeping in touch and organising events, but I prefer good old e-mails. Mostly abandoned to stop feeding it with my data.

Flickr iconPhotos at Flickr

Photos I took and bothered to publish. Thousands of unpublished photos still are collecting dust on my hard drive and on my phone.

Vimeo iconVideos at Vimeo

None of my videos published there. Just reserved the username.